Friday, July 22, 2011

WebPutty CSS editing tool

Finally edited my blogger template: removed borders for the widgets and unified the background colors. It looks much cleaner now, especially at the bottom page. Funny how these minor changes can make such a big difference.

I used, a new CSS editor that allows users to preview the changes instantly and also to update them to their website with a click of a button.

(1) Log in with your Gmail account ;
(2) Copy and paste in your template the Java script provided by;

(3) Tips from DH: back up the HTML/CSS source code first, then delete all "style" codes in your original template to avoid overlapping;
(4) Start editing on WebPutty. Hooray for the two column panes!

A single account can be used to edit several websites.

According to WebPutty's front page, it's free for early adopters. Have fun!

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