Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre


The Royal Selangor Visitor Center is on the top list of attractions in KL on TripAdvisor. According to Wiki, Royal Selangor is not only the largest pewter manufacturer and retailer in the world, but also proudly recognized as a Malaysian brand icon. It's been there for four generations (amazing!), and they have expanded into jewelry, silverware, and even hand painted collectibles. It is a must visit not only for tourists, but also for locals alike.


Tin dredge


Giant money tree

Refreshment during the visit

The visitor center is modern and comprises of the museum and gallery, the factory, the modern cafe, and the gift shop. The admission is FREE and they allow you photograph as much as you like. The staffs are very friendly and they look so happy working at Royal Selangor. Loyal workers of 5 years and over are commemorated with this wall of hand prints around the center.



A friendly staff will be available to guide the visitors around. If visitors chose to, they can opt for the School of Hard Knocks, which is located inside the factory area, and where they can knock their own pewter bowl with their name on it ;) Each session last about 20 minutes max. There is a minimal fee of RM60 per person (prior booking is advisable), and you get to bring back your pewter bowl nicely wrapped in a gift box, as well as a certificate.




From the gallery, museum, and factory, visitors will finally be led to the gift shop, which comprises of a wide variety of items, some of them can't be found at other branches. Remember to ask your guide for the story of the lucky pumpkin tea pot, it will sure make you want to purchase one. The history of Royal Selangor was written into a beautiful hardcover book by the great-granddaughter, and can also be purchased at the shop. Even if you are not Malaysian, you feel so proud for what Mr. Yong Koon and his later generations have successfully accomplished in the Malaysian pewter industry.



The visitor center is open every day, even on holidays, and can be reached from Wangsa Maju RapidKL station and taxi, and is only 10 minutes away from the city centre.



en_me said...

nice photoblog u hv here.. just wondering do u use D7000 or D60.. thanx

Ketchup said...

Thanks en_me ;) I actually sold D60 to get D7000. So photos before Apr. are taken with D60, and those after Apr. are taken with D7000.