Monday, July 4, 2011

Indoor rock climbing

I've been viewing the photo archives, and found enough pictures to be compiled into a list of interesting things to do in KL. Here's one part of this series, which will be posted in separate blog posts.

Let's start with the less mundane, indoor rock climbing.


When I think of rock climbing, I picture ropes, harness, and a vertical climb. But have you ever thought of doing a lateral wall climbing? That's right, you traverse the wall horizontally from left to right, or vice versa, without gears, except for your climbing shoes. There's no minimum age for this activity that requires agility, strength, and balance.


If you enroll for the first time, a friendly instructor will be assigned to show you the basic techniques, as well as how best to fall and other safety measures. Climbing shoes are provided, along with a member card, and a key to a locker to store your belongings while you're enjoying the climb. The cost is RM35 all inclusive (for beginners class), plus RM3 for a chalk bag. If you go there in a group, the staff will gladly encourage you to rent only one chalk bag for the whole group.

Subsequent visit will cost only RM10-12 per entry. Check their website for other packages and classes: The location is about 10-15 minutes away from the city center, a walkable distance from Wangsa Maju Rapid KL station. Madmonkeyz also sells rock climbing gears.


I was somewhat intrigued by the rock climbing shoes. It is not the regular shoes where you snugly rest your feet. It's usually one or two sizes smaller than your regular shoe size, and whereby your front toes are supposed to crimp inside to get a good grip of the rocks.


I notice that when you analyze too much while climbing (i.e. thinking of the techniques, rock numbers), you'll be stuck on the wall. At times, we tend to forget that our legs are more important than our finger grips. I guess the best way to climb is to act blonde and just go with the flow.

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