Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rubber stamp effect - Photoshop CS5

Finally, a tutorial with Photoshop CS5 that I can follow through from start to end. It's the best, couldn't find a video tutorial that can match to this written one.

I used Stencil font instead for this rubber stamp effect, which I'm happy with the result:

Once done, save it as a JPEG file (or as a PNG file if you prefer to save it in a transparent background). Here's the instruction on how to use the JPEG image as a watermark on any of your Word document.
  1. Open your Word document, in this case an invoice document;
  2. Select "Page Layout", then "Watermark", and click on "Custom Watermark";
  3. A window Printed Watermark will pop up. Select the 2nd option: "Picture Watermark";
  4. Click on "Select Picture" to locate the JPEG file you just saved;
  5. Scale to 50%, and deselect "Washout" option;
  6. Click Apply and OK.
I find this digital rubber stamp very handy, if I need to store the soft copy, rather than using the printer:

Remarks on some of the places I've stumbled in the tutorial:
  • Create a new layer for text tool;
  • Be careful: after you convert the layers to smart object, and later double click on the smart object again, you will be directed to the smart object file. Make sure to save the changes, if any, on the smart object, and return to your original file to continue with the pattern section.
  • When using the magic wand tool, I had to click at several predominant gray color on the layer to get the same effect as on the tutorial.

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