Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ippudo x Tao

This Ippudo x Tao branch is located at UE Square, Singapore. The restaurant design looks classy, while the dim-light inside reminds me of a stage. It is different from the first Ippudo, and their menu slightly differs as well.


Just opposite of the restaurant is an interesting mix of old and modern building architecture.


Ippudo x Tao is famous for its ramen. The Shiro style ramen has thin straight noodle. The below picture doesn't illustrate the actual size of the soup spoon though. It was huge, much larger than the everyday normal spoon.


Ippudo Tao Kuro style ramen, with thick chewy noodle.


Japanese salad dressing never disappoints me. I guess it's about time to try the miso salad dressing recipe one of these days. This tofu salad is served with Ippudo's special spicy miso paste and mince meat.


This is the pan fried Gyoza. The thin crispy top hide the delicious chicken dumplings underneath. The dumplings taste succulent when you dip them in the soy ginger sauce.


We were full after dinner at the Ippudo x Tao, and we enjoyed the evening with our hosts.

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