Friday, June 3, 2011

Dreams of large public toilets

I have this recurring dream where I'd be in a public toilet. Each time, I'd be in a different setting and location. But every time, the public restroom is a large area with dozens and sometimes unlimited stalls. Some stalls are covered, and others are half-covered whereby you can see the person from shoulder up. When I get a peak inside the stall, the toilet bowl overflows, some with clear water, others with pebbles of feces remains (left by someone else).

A list of the public toilets I visited in my dreams, in a span of several months. Hmm... just noticed that the restroom becomes nicer each time:
  • mall public toilet;
  • girls gym toilet;
  • outdoor beach toilet;
  • public toilet at a Chinese style garden for tourists.
In the beginning, I wasn't disturbed. I didn't even remember, until yesterday morning when I noticed how my previous dreams have the same recurring theme.

Out of curiosity, I searched and found this link and learned that many people have had similar dreams. I don't think I'll ever know the true meaning of my dream, but I like these two interpretations though:
"to see an overflowing or flooded toilet in your dream symbolizes your desires to fully express your emotions";
"bathrooms are a place for cleaning up, and indicate emotional purification."

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