Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chiffon cake challenge


It was my first attempt in baking a chiffon cake, and I'm now a fan of it. The process wasn't as difficult as I initially thought it would, and the result is amazing. I wouldn't have found the recipe on the net, if it wouldn't have been for my family's honest and uncensored critiques. The perfect cake for them is a light, fluffy, and moist cake with a balanced blend of sweetness. The chiffon cake fits the description. I don't think I'll bake another cake if it's not in the foam cake category.


A few months ago, I baked an angel food cake, which was delightfully light by the way, but it was very very sweet. The additional sugar was needed to hold the cake, as no egg yolks are used in the angel food cake recipe.

The chiffon cake, on the other hand, uses little sugar as compared to the angel food cake. However, it contains oil, in minimal quantity, while the angel food cake (and also the sponge cake) contain none at all.


I used an ungreased tube pan to bake the chiffon cake, and inverted it after it was removed from the oven. After 10-15 minutes, the cake gracefully fell out of the pan.


The chiffon cake tastes great as is, even without any topping.

I'm already planning for my next baking challenges: two types of sponge cakes, with and without flour. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Recipe please..............

Anonymous said...

kindly post the recipe of this chiffon cake....

annie said...

post the recipe plz

Anonymous said...

pleas post the recipe

Ketchup said...

Sorry for the late reply.

Here's the recipe:

Let me know how it went!