Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye

Some time ago, I tried a No.1 best selling hair color dye made in Japan, the Liese (pronounced leecé) Bubble Hair Color owned by the Kao Group.

Liese advertisement:

It was my first time dying my hair, and despite the pungent ammonia odor, I liked the result. My hair looked softer too. Sadly I might not want to use it again, because it is not meant for grey hair, which started to grow three years ago. Anyways, here's what was inside the box:

I used an Ikea garbage bag, and cut holes to slip it over my head. This is to say that it was the wrong move!

First of all, I didn't cut it properly. Looks like it's meant for an octopus.

Second, I ended up dirtying my shirt. Luckily it was an old tee that I wore to paint the walls. Next time, I'd do the hair salon way, which is to take that plastic bag and/or an old towel, and roll it over the shirt neckline.

Remember to open the windows, or try these natural methods to get rid of the dye smell in your house.

Liese how to instructions video:

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