Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to cover a square cake with fondant

While decorating a cake with fondant, I was getting annoyed at the sharp corners. What is the correct technique of working around those corners? Should I only decorate round shape cakes and refuse all square shapes? That would be a too easy way out. Here is a great video by SweetWise channel on YouTube that shows you how:

The vinyl food safe mat looks great to work with, and it is not a bad idea too.

More observations made while decorating the cake with fondant:

  • It is definitely more challenging decorating a cake than cupcakes, which are a piece of cake IMHO;
  • Not enough buttercream on the cake may be the cause of the fondant tearing off. Isn't this the reason to apply buttercream before the fondant? It acts as a glue;
  • Despite the cake eaters' plea to have a less sweater cake, it might not be possible to have a non sweet cake, due to the chemical interactions of the ingredients.

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