Monday, May 30, 2011

How to add borders to photos in Photoshop CS5

I love black borders, especially the cinematic bars at the top and bottom on the image. Although there are different ways to add black borders to photos, the easiest and fastest (such as the canvas size) isn't always the best way in my opinion. In the following method, I do it once and save it under Photoshop for future use.

Step 1. Frame
  1. Create a new document with width 800, height 630 (a good size if you want to post the image on the web);
  2. Click on paint bucket, and select black color. Then click on the background to change its color to black;
  3. Optional: create a new layer, and add a watermark using text;
  4. Save the file for future use.
Step 2. Insert Image
  1. Under file, place your selected image. If your image is already opened in a separate document, drag and drop it using the move tool;
  2. Select your background and double click it to unlock;
  3. Click CTRL + T to view the center of the background;
  4. Use move tool to align your photo. You can also drag and drop a lines from the horizontal and vertical rulers to help you align the photo to the background. If the lines don't appear, click on CTRL + ; (semicolon) to make them visible;
  5. Save your image in JPeg.
If you want to add borders to more than one image, repeat Step 2.



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