Friday, April 15, 2011


Towels are underestimated products. We use them daily, sometimes twice a day. To be truly honest, I never really desired any towels in particular, but Uchino towels caught my eyes. It's a Japanese product, and what I like about Japanese product in general is that the people who produce them are detailed. For example, I visited Uchino website, and they provide readers with a section on how to care for towels, and even explains the type of yarn used and why they are being used to produce Uchino towels. It shows that the company understands its products and shares its passion in their product, in this case towels, not only in quality (such as light weight and soft, with quick-drying properties, and good absorption) but also in design and patterns.

Above photo:

Another of our favorite towels are the terry towels from Cambridge. They absorb water extremely well and are sturdy enough for the men in the house. They love it so much and refused to use other brands.

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