Sunday, March 13, 2011

The past can be changed, can it?

I wonder why it should take a natural disaster to bring long lost relatives in contact again.

In the past, there were great memories of all of us together, but the end somehow drifted sour. We were too young to understand what had happened, and the only thing we remembered was that the adults have disapproved of the black sheep who left his wife and children. They couldn't stand the pain, so they too, left. We like them, but time and distance have slowly drifted us apart, as if any association to the memories would only result in pain and tears. It was not our fault, but somehow we feel shameful of what the black sheep has done to them.

We cannot change the past, or can we? I read somewhere that we can. That is, by changing the future to a brighter one, to lay off the old painful ones. We hope that their hearts are big enough to accept.


Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go to all the families in Japan.

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