Saturday, March 26, 2011

Herman Miller's Aeron Chair

DH recently complained about back pains. It was a hard hit on my brains. Why haven't I thought of this before? I tried to convince DH that it's time to invest in a good ergonomic chair. Due to his work commitments, he spends more time sitting in front of the PC than anything else.

We did our research, visited several office chair showrooms, and sat on different chairs. We knew what we wanted: a Herman Miller's Aeron PostureFit with adjustable arms rests. Once you sit on it, other chairs don't feel as comfortable anymore. Sigh.

Jokingly, why not create our own DIY car seat chair? It would cost much lesser. Am I crazy to Google this out? Wow, someone really did think of it! It's called the ultimate computer chair.

Then we asked ourselves, "Can we afford one Herman Miller Aeron?". On second thought, how can we not afford it? Shouldn't it be considered as one of the most important assets for IT geeks? It's like the Maserati in chairs. There's a 15 years warranty on the Aeron too.

Okay, ONE DAY we will get one of these. It's a good goal to work towards.

One thing to remember when buying an ergonomic chair: select the size based on your height and weight. This link is for Aeron: link here.

Btw, Herman Miller is an American company... not German!

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