Saturday, February 26, 2011

Singapore's Landmarks and How to Get There

I thought it would be a good idea to list down the landmarks I've been to, and how I've reached the destination with the MRT.

Landmarks: Boat Quay, and Cavenagh bridge.
How to get there: exit at MRT station Raffles Place.




I crossed the Cavenagh bridge, and walked along the Quay, towards Sir Stamford Raffles statue.


My next destination was the Merlion Statue. I headed back towards Fullerton Hotel, crossing the Cavenagh Bridge, but felt lost at the street crossroads ~~, so decided to take the Fullerton Hotel underpass towards Merlion statue. These are the sceneries I saw when I came out of the underpass:

Finally, I've reached the Merlion Park, but unfortunately the Merlion statue was under renovation :(. This is the small replica.

At the Marina Bay overlooking the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and Esplanade concert hall.

Honestly, I was very disappointed at the above pictures of the Marina Bay. I remember it was an extremely bright day although cloudy at times, and I'm now figuring out how the photos came out very boring, both in colors and angle. As I'm writing this, ooooo..... I think I found one of the answers *reading article now*.

Landmarks: St-Andrew's Cathedral, and the Civilian War Memorial.
How to get there: City Hall MRT.



It was surprising that the Civilian War Memorial was reclusive but at the same time reachable in the city. I can see it from afar, but it was difficult to get there, uh... do you understand what I mean?

I was looking forward to take pictures of the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City (underpass to Suntec City Mall), but it so happened that the guards told me to come back in the evening. I went back at the specified time, but the big fountain was not working for some reason ;( *frustrated and tired*. I decided to wear slippers the next day.

Let's end the day with colors: a funky colorful building near Little India MRT station (exit E).



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