Friday, February 25, 2011

Singapore: The Matrix Island

Warning: this post is cynical, and not for sensitive hearts. DH calls Singapore, the Matrix island. I have always wondered why, but now I understand what he is referring to. It is very modern and so clean. There are cameras everywhere. They watch your every move.


Almost everything is automated: ERP (Electronic Road Pricing), parking system, bus schedules, parking lot availability, and more that I might not know of. DH wanted to take the taxi, and Sms his location number from the taxi stand. Within seconds, he received a Sms confirmation, and within one minute, the cab arrived. Wow, amazingly efficient!!!




Every car is equipped with a cash card. The cash is immediately deducted upon passing under the ERP. If the driver forgot to reload his card, he'll be charged a penalty fee.

At first glance, I thought this was a movie banner. I was so wrong.


They're encouraging people to go into the police force. Cool banner! Military service is compulsory, and every men has to undergo training for a few weeks... EVERY year. This might explain why Singaporean men are not overweight.


I guess Madonna's song "Material Girl" suits the majority of ladies living in Singapore (as in other major cities of Asia). There are luxurious brand boutiques in almost every building on Orchard road... every 20-50 steps.

There are so many expats, and a lot of tourists. The island is so successful, but I see it as a business trading hub, rather than a country with its own culture and specialty dishes. I had a headache, so I headed back to the hotel and dozed off.


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