Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hong Kong, Part 3: The Peak

One of the main highlight from our trip was The Peak, and our journey to get up there. We started from Kowloon area, and crossed over to Hong Kong island with the Star Ferry, which was about 10 minutes.

We exited at Pier 7, and waited for the Peak Tram Shuttle Bus no.15C. If possible, sit on the upper-deck for a view of the Hong Kong island. Make sure you take bus no.15C (picture below). If you mistakenly took bus no.15 instead, then don't worry, just enjoy the ride to the top of the Peak, final destination. Follow the crowd (normal when you're a lost tourist), and when you see the Peak Tower, then you know you're there.

If you took bus no.15C, you'll reach the Peak Tram entrance. Usually, there's a very long queue. Purchase your round trip ticket of the tram (with your Octopus, if you have it), the cost is about HKD$36. I didn't get the Sky Terrace though.

View while riding the tram. At one point, we were pulled up at a 45 degrees angle.

View of Hong Kong from the Peak. Apparently, the best time to go to the Peak is in the evening, when you'll be able to enjoy the daylight and night view.

More shots: the Peak Tower

Hong-Kong-peak 1

Hong-Kong-peak 2

Hong-Kong-star ferry

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