Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hong Kong - Part 2: Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha statue, also called Tian Ta Buddha, majestically rests above Ngong Ping village on Lantau Island. To get to the Giant Buddha bronze statue, exit Tung Chung MTR station, which is one station away from Disneyland. Follow the signs to the cable car lift to Ngong Ping. From the MTR station we walked about a 2 minutes and reached the ticket counter (HKD115 round trip).

At that time, I didn't notice a monkey signboard asking me to smile. But yeah, they take your pictures when you're riding the cable car and you can purchase the photos at the exit.

The cable car ride was amazing(ly long)! The view from above was awesome!!! We crossed the sea, hills and mountains, which took us a great 20 minutes to reach Nnong Ping. From above, we can see minuscule people walking. I sighed seeing them from above and wondered how long it will take them to reach the final destination. It takes a lot of determination to do the walk.

From the cable car view above, you can see a path for devotees to walk.

We're approaching.

Here's a view of Ngong Ping village. We had to walk across the small village before reaching Tian Ta Buddha.

Finally, we arrived and took 268 steps to the top. The Giant Buddha was completed on December 29, 1990, the same date that Gautama Buddha has attained enlightenment.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we didn't visit the Po Lin monastery. My friends wanted to visit Disneyland. I wasn't a big fan of Disneyland Hong Kong, but it's a good outing for small children. For half a day, you can cover almost all the rides, which are really meant for children. Before reaching Disneyland, we were amused by the MTR, as the subway windows and handles were the shapes of Mickey Mouse!

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