Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hong Kong - Part 1

Several years ago, I planned a trip to Hong Kong with two of my girlfriends. It was our first time there, and we somehow agreed that it would be a budget travel, not a shopping spree. Boy, we were so wrong! Who can resist, the brand name cosmetics, clothes, shoes, watches, etc. The pricing at that time was competitive, but I don't think it is as much anymore. At that time, I even wondered why everyone bragged about Bangkok. Unless you buy the local made items in Bangkok, all brand name items there are so freakingly expensive!!! It is still now. From what I heard, many well-to-do Bangkokians fly to either HK or Singapore for their shopping holiday.


In this post and the following ones, I'll be showcasing the places we visited. IMO, Hong Kong is definitely one of most tourist friendly area, mainly due to the great public transportation (MTR subway), and English signboards (unfortunately, I rarely see English menus :( ). Although it was difficult to communicate in English with some of the locals there, it was a first memorable trip overall.

Because we initially decided that it would be a budget travel, we stayed at a hostel called Cosmos inside Chunking Mansion. You can Google for the image of the legendary Chunking Mansion, and you'll be shocked to see how the building looks like. The room doesn't look as bad though, but I've promised myself since that first night, that, without offense to the hostel, I will never ever stay in that building again, and that I should stay in a proper hotel in my next trip.

This is how our room looked like. It is clean, but small. Even though we were slim girls, we could barely move in the toilet!!!

The shower head is above the toilet sink. You basically do your routine at the same spot.

Can you believe that we were two sleeping on this bed?

We asked to switch room, and the following night we got this one:

Several years later, in a short trip to HK, I stayed at Novotel Citygate hotel, near Tung Chung MTR station. Although the hotel is slightly far from the city (about 30-40 minutes ride by MTR), it offers free shuttle bus to and from the airport, which is a 10 minutes drive. Nonetheless, the hotel is a great location if you're planning to visit nearby attractions, such as the Giant Buddha, Disneyland, Citygate outlets, or even for a short transit stay.

Hong-Kong-Novotel Citygate 2

I wish one day, I'll have a bed, including bedsheets, as comfortable as the one at Novotel Citygate hotel ;p

Hong-Kong-Novotel Citygate 1

View from the room.

Hong-Kong-Novotel Citygate 3

We got the complimentary room thanks to loyalty programs!

Hong-Kong-Novotel Citygate 4

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