Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why I go for branded handbags

It's frustrating when I see this happening to my handbag. Arrghhh!!!

This one didn't last long, and its torn fabric dirtied my white shirt along the way :( boooh. This gives me more reasons to start saving, and get a good quality handbag that will last... a lifetime? There are plenty of  affordable branded ones from the department stores, e.g. Guy Laroche, Pierre Cardin, Nike are some of my affordable favorites.

Then there are the higher end designer handbags that cost a fortune, like the Chanel, oooh-la-la. They're too loud for my taste, and I'd rather save for a vacation instead. But I find it sexy whenever I see a girl who sets her savings aside several months (of waiting) to finally get the bag she loves. On the other hand, it's really pathetic to see others using replicas. They want the brand but are not willing to pay for the price. If you can't afford it, don't fake it. Stop following the trend, set your own and go for something that suits your style.

One of those affordable good quality brand I'm very satisfied with is the Louis Fontaine's wallet collection. I discovered them in a famous department store during a trip. I've been using the black wallet for about 3-4 years and it still looks new and sturdy. I liked it so much I bought 2 others during a sale (pink and brown), and hopefully, if I ever go back again, I'd like to get their shoulder bag as well. From their company profile, they are exporting their leather bags. I haven't seen them much in the overseas market, but I still wish them the best of luck.


Hazel Sia said...

hey lily.. you just helped me justify my own reasons to get branded bags! lol. everytime i wanted to save up money to buy 1, i ended up telling myself there's other more important things for me to buy and i put it on hold..

PS: happy new year 2011! how was celebration in montreal?? :)


Ly said...

Lol! I did my calculation: with the sum of all the cheap bags I bought in the past (which lasted only a few months each), I could have gotten a quality branded one that is longer lasting ;)

Have a Great 2011 New Year start my dear. Miss 'ya, kisses and hugs xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

please give me the website to LOUIS FONTAINE ?????????

Ly said...

@Anonymous: I've been trying to find their website too, but looks like they don't have an official one. Here are the links I found:!/profile.php?id=100001415409988

Vaishnavi said...

Finally somebody is talking about this brand! I've been looking for their site too..but couldn't find one.. I recently bought a beautiful red heart shaped sling while on a trip to Thailand. Love the quality and feel. Though a little expensive but totally worth it. In love with it! I'm just hoping to buy more of their stuff..but don't know from where I could.