Friday, January 28, 2011

Plaza Shower Lounge at HKIA

Long haul flight is very tiring, and it doesn't get any better with long transit at the airport. Somehow, transiting at the HKIA was a good experience, mainly because it has so many duty free shops that make you itchy. Can you believe that they even have a Zara store inside the airport hall? The food court is also big, and it's expanding.

We figured that an airport this big should also have a shower lounge. Lo and behold, they have about 4 of them all opened 24 hours, called Traveler's Lounge and Plaza Premium Lounge, located at Terminal 1 before Gate 1, after Gate 35, after Gate 60, and connecting Terminal 1 and 2. Other than shower, they offered a private resting area, a business center, massage, and even hairstyling.

The shower costs HK$150 per person, which is about $20. Here's a peak of the individual shower room.

Towel and shower cap are provided. There's a shampoo and shower gel dispenser, and of course a hair dryer room for males and females, but remember to bring your own hair brush.

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