Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to upload multiple photos to Picassa Web Albums

Update (Feb.2011): Yay! The new improved Picassa Web Album now allows multiple uploads ^_^

When you have over 10 pictures to upload, it's tedious to do it on Picassa Web Albums, as it doesn't allow more than 5 photos at one time, and each one has to be selected manually. Boring isn't it?

There's always a way out. Here's how you can upload as many pictures as you want in a flash (credit to:
  • Open Gmail, and click on "Buzz" on the left side pane
  • Select on the white message box, as if you want to post, then click on "Photo" (but don't post!!!)
  • Upload as many photos as you want with a click of a button
  • Go to your Picassa Web Albums. You'll see a new album that has been automatically created, called "Photos from posts". Click on that album, and select all your photos.
  • Under Edit, select "Organize and Reorder". Move your photos to your preferred album.
Give it a try!


Anonymous said...

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Ly said...

Google is good, and Yahoo can sometimes compliment what you can't find on Google. What I like about Google, is that the result links instantly show up as you type your query.