Friday, January 21, 2011

Empro Black Diamond Liner

I never thought I'd get a new liquid eyeliner, mainly because I always made a mess on my eyelids with them. But it so happened that I was touring around with my cousin, and there was a one day special at Sasa, for Empro Black Diamond Liner. Ooooo, we couldn't resist. But I paused for a while and thought about the previous brands I've used, e.g. Stila and Dior, which were not to my liking because the lines smudged immediately after I drew them :(.

The staff then mentioned to us that this Empro liquid liner is smudge-proof, water proof, 48 hours long lasting, and extra black. Then I thought again... Hmmm, I really like their retractable eyebrow pencil, so why not give this a try. We each ended up with our Empro Black Diamond Liner, which is made in Japan.

Verdict: I LOVE IT! The lines don't look messy because they dry up almost instantly, and because the color is extra black. It creates a nice Va Va Voom effect for the eyes (like Taylor Swift's eye makeup), even without mascara and fake eyelashes. So far, I used it in combination with pencil eyeliners (Personnelle and Annabelle pencil eyeliners)... it's my preference. Removing the lines is easy too. I'm currently using the Nivea eye make-up remover.

Talking about Empro brand, here's a look at their newly designed triangular Empro eyebrow pencil. It looks more fancy with the flower design, and steel section for the brush.

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