Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best smoked meat in town

When asked, what is the must eat food in Montreal? The answer would be SMOKED MEAT, muahaha!

The most awesome would be Shwartz's on Saint-Laurent boulevard.

We entered the small restaurant, and it felt like we walked in a movie set from the '50s. Even the waiters have features that reminded me of characters in the '50s films. They were macho and frosty, but the smoked meat was really awesome.

Just order the smoked meat plate, and couple it with their homemade fries, pickles and coleslaw. Yum yum.

At the front window display:

Other than Schwartz's, we went to Ruben's on Ste-Catherine street. It's more accessible by metro, and the service was great. We were greeted by a friendly lady waitress. They have smoked meat with rye bread (my favorite bread that goes so well with smoked meat).

Smoked meat with normal sandwich:

Smoked meat spaghetti!!!

Other than smoked meat, there are bagels that are worth trying in Montreal. Any place you'd like to suggest?

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steve said...

smoked meat is the best food in montreal, It is amazing.