Monday, December 6, 2010

Vietnamese food

I love Vietnamese food. You can find lots of good Vietnamese restaurants in Montreal. My favorites dishes are:
  • Pho: beef noodle soup
  • Banh Cuon: steamed rice roll with a filling of season minced pork
  • Bah Bun (correct me if I'm wrong): rice vermicelli salad with grilled chicken, beef or pork, with spring roll
  • Banh Xeo: Vietnamese crepe
  • Fresh Vietnamese roll
  • Vietnamese sandwich
In this particular restaurant, we had their famous noodle soup. I ordered a small bowl, but it came out to be a pretty large bowl.

This dish is grilled beef balls covered with a vegetable leaf, which explains the dark color. You are given Vietnamese rice papers to wrap up the beef, salad, and noodles. Then dip it in the sauce. Delicious!

Fortune cookies with lottery numbers :)

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