Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tipping Etiquette

In certain parts of the world, tipping is not expected. If you leave tip at a restaurant in Japan for example, you'll find the waiter running after you, thinking you've forgot your change on the table. In other countries, the tip percentage is automatically added to the bill. Although some may argue that service won't be as good if the tip is automatically added, nonetheless the government will have its fair share from the waiters and the customers won't have to crack their heads calculating the tip amount. Wish this can be the case over here.

The general tip is about 15% on the total before tax, or $1.50 for every $10. Note that the portable cash register being used by waiters can automatically calculate the 15% tip for you... but beware that the machine calculates the percentage on the total after tax, and not before tax.

IMHO, Toronto is a great place to eat out (as compared to Mtl), in terms of great friendly service, greater food variety, and English menu for tourists. Also, I was told by locals that waiters in Asian restaurants in Toronto are happy with your 10% tip, if you chose to (you can correct me if I am wrong).

Some pictures of the Asian food we tried. All the food was great, but the portions are large.

Phoenix Restaurant - their best seller is the Hainan chicken. The portion of the noodle soup is huge, and we couldn't finish what we ordered. The waitress asked if we weren't satisfied with the food, so we honestly told here that the food was good, and that we were not used to the big portions.

At this other restaurant, they served delicious Malaysian curry dishes, we asked for a doggy bag. The owner said that their best seller is the Roti with curry. While having our meal, there were many customers who came to order takeout.

Hot pot is great for winter.

Guu is a Japanese tapas restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by a cheerful and energetic welcome by the staffers. They shout greetings and orders concertedly in Japanese language.

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