Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supermarket Favorites

Finally, I've got some time to breathe this evening. I've never been so busy, work and house chores, and I'm way behind processing my photos. It's easier and faster with the small camera, so here are some of my favorites products from the supermarket.

Fresh Atlantic salmon:

This pack of fresh salmon heads is $2.69

 Salmon strips for $1.08. The flesh is tender and so fresh.

Dorade Royale, a mouthwatering fish with white tender flesh. It tastes succulent when steamed.

Tropicana 100% fresh juice, my favorite is the grapefruit mixed with oranges.

Danone Activia probiotic yogurt, so smooth and creamy.

California fresh persimmons. It's seedless, sweet and crunchy. A box of 20 pieces is about $12.

They removed the word "ice cream" and replaced it with "frozen dessert", as it is not made from 100% milk. Nonetheless, this Breyers dessert is creamy and is not overly sweet at all. It tastes great with fresh fruits, such as mango.

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