Friday, November 12, 2010

Best body moisturisers for winter

I haven't seen any reviews about this Glycerodermine moisturizer, although my family has been using it for many years. In my honest opinion, it's a lifesaver for the winter. If you have chapped, rough and very dry skin, or your fingers look like those belonging to a 90 year old,  then this Glycerodermine is for you. Apply on the dry or chapped area, and let the skin absorb for a minute. It's thick, but it works wonder. Your skin will magically feel smooth after the first application or two. That's how effective this product is. I've also tried the Glycerodermine in tube container, which is meant especially for hands, but it was not as good as the cream one.

Another favorite body moisturizer is Jergens Ultra Care. I use this daily after shower. It doesn't leave any oily residue and is quickly absorbed. I've tried many other brands, and this remains my favorite.

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Sharonacles said...

Do you have any recommendations for gentle face moisturizers. I started using Glycerodermine today for my hands, but it's a bit thick for my face. I also like Glysomed, but again, it's too thick to use on my face. I don't use cleanser on my face, just water and I don't wear makeup. I just want something gentle because I sometimes get dry skin at the corners of my mouth and near my eyebrows.