Thursday, October 21, 2010

In-flight entertainment and meals

Air Canada has much improved. Each passenger now gets a personal touch screen television with an extensive list of Hollywood and world movies, as well as television series, documentaries, and even games to occupy the children. The audio entertainment options are selected on the PTVs as well.

Is it only me? I always look forward the airline meals. It must be the way they prepared the food, the meat usually comes out soft, juicy and tender, with the right amount of flavor.

Air Canada meal: beef and pasta.

Cathay Pacific meal: rice and chicken.

This Cathay Pacific flight don't have touch screen.

What is worth doing on board of a Cathay Pacific flight is to browse through their duty free catalog. You'll be surprised at the promotions you cannot get after you landed.

Transiting at the Hong Kong International airport can be one of the best shopping experience for many. Can you believe there's a Zara store inside the airport? The most popular buys are branded cosmetics and watches. There is a difference of 20%-40% with other neighboring countries, which makes Hong Kong a shopping paradise... even inside the airport.

Muji to Go at the Hong Kong International airport.

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