Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Store Experience

Online reviews of the downtown Apple store were not very promising, so we didn't expect much when we first stepped into the store. Our experience on the contrary was positive. We were greeted by a staff, holding an iPad, who assigned us to an Apple Genius. Although we knew exactly what we wanted, we nevertheless had to wait for our Genius for about 20 minutes (longer than ordering food at the restaurant), until he was released from the previous client.

During the waiting time, we played around with different gadgets available and visited the second floor, where the Genius Bars were.

Upon purchase, the Genius was equipped with a wireless credit card reader. I signed with my fingers on that reader, and the purchase receipt was directly sent to my email. The funny thing was, where the h*** did they get my email from? From the credit card, along with all my information, scary. It was a unique buying experience though.

It's always better to travel by public transport when going downtown. The parking is a rip off: $6-$8 per hour? Luckily, there's this new parking meter since 2007, where you can key in your parking space code from anywhere. There's one near the Apple store to spare you some time. Just make sure to wait until the original time has expired before slotting in more coins... otherwise you'll double-pay.


imissme said...

It kinda looks like the one in Sydney, especially the stairs from the 2nd floor to the 1st.

Hope you're having fun with your new toy! :)

Ly said...

Actually, it's DH's 3rd Apple toy. I called them his mistresses, because they are the first to be greeted in the morning when he wakes up, and the last before he goes to bed. In response to this, DH's said, "Well at least I can share them with you!"