Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twitter updates on your Facebook Page and Group

Here's how to add your Twitter updates on your Facebook Page. Source:
I tried RSS Graffiti on a Facebook Group and it worked too! (I had an error in the beginning, but after a while it worked out... mystery.)

In summary:
  1. On FB search box, type "RSS Graffiti", and click on the link
  2. Once you're on RSS Graffiti, click on "Add to my Page", underneath the profile logo
  3. Select the page you want to add
  4. Now, go to your FB page and select "Edit page" underneath the profile picture
  5. Scroll down, find "RSS Graffiti" and hit "Edit"
  6. Authorize
  7. Click the green button "Add a feed"
  8. Then paste your Twitter URL. (How to get your Twitter URL? Go to your Twitter account. Under profile, you'll see a RSS icon on the right pane. Click on it, and copy the URL).
  9. Click on generate and preview.
  10. Customize and save your style, such as click on "strip twitter username" and select the style as compact, to allow "comment/like/share"
This application seems to be better than the other ones available. Now all your Twits will be automatically updated.

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