Friday, September 10, 2010

Snow Skin Mooncake

At first, DH was reluctant to try out the green tea snow skin mooncake. After some whining, he took a bite and said, "Hmmm... nicer than the other green tea mooncakes I've tried."

The snow skin has a smooth and soft texture, and is basically made of glutinous rice flour, shortening, icing sugar, and ice water. There are so many brands to select from. The one I bought was from Oversea, as their regular mooncakes are not overly sweet.

Personally, I still prefer the old style mooncake.


Chanaporn said...

here they have chocolate flavor for snow skin mooncake too ka! Yummy!

Ly said...

During the moon cake festival, I saw Hageen Dazs ice cream moon cake, and Doraemon moon cake. I regret I did not try them yet... only once a year.