Monday, August 23, 2010

Customized privacy settings on Facebook

I was having a dilemma between keeping my Facebook account or deleting it. I opt for the former by customizing my privacy settings. Here's how.

First, create a list:(later, you'll see why this step is important)
  • under Home section, select Friends on the left pane
  • click on +Create a List (for e.g. LIST X), and select the people you want to share limited information with

Second,  choose your privacy settings:

  • go to Account, and select Privacy Settings
  • click on Customize Settings (you'll see a list of things you have been sharing)
Finally, you're now ready to select who and what people can see:
  • select an item from the list, and click on Custom.
  • a pop out window "Custom Privacy" will appear that will prompt you to "make the item you chose visible to" a specific category of people, and/or to "hide it from" a specific category of people. Now you can type LIST X.
Continue with the rest of the information items. Good luck!

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