Friday, August 27, 2010

Customise your Twitter theme, Themeleon

Discover interesting things everyday on the internet! Look at this themeleon (by It helps you change your Twitter background design :) Cool isn't it? Yeah, of course it's free! Else, I wouldn't post it on my blog! By the way, this may sound strange to you (at least it is for me)... it's my third consecutive post about a discovery I've made on a "technology" that may be useful, now or at a later stage. So take these posts as an archive that you may want to refer back in the future, which I'm doing often with this blog. (By no means, am I affiliate to any of these widgets or applications I stumbled upon, used, and in my opinion found them useful enough to share the information with you.) That being said, I've baked up some goodies in the oven, and will be sharing the pictures with you soon, hopefully this weekend ;)

Anyways, here's how my new Twitter page looks:

Got to stop this madness... can go on for hours on end playing around with the different themes and designs.

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