Thursday, July 29, 2010

Windows 7 does not recognise USB [solved]

I inserted my USB in my PC that is running on Windows 7, but couldn't access it. A window pops up and says: "H: is not accessible. Access is denied."

For hours, I tried to Google for answers... but no forum is helpful AT ALL, until I came to this video tutorial from VvCompHelpvV. It's clear and easy to follow, thank goodness for this!

A summary of how to make your flash drive accessible:
  • From the start menu, right click on Computer (yes, right click)
  • Then select Manage
  • You'll see your USB, right click it and select "change drive letter and paths" (**if you can't see your USB, select "disk management" under "storage" on the left pane**)
  • Then change the letter to another letter. Say your initial letter was H, so change it to I for example.
  • Click yes.
Yoohoo, it's solved!

Update 2011: an easier and lazy way to solve this issue, if your laptop has more than 1 USB port, would be to remove your USB and plug it in a different port.

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