Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happier with Less

Today, I'm celebrating a "living happy with less" mode. I've sold most (not all) of the products I've posted on a free online classified advertisement site. There are several more things to let go, but I'm glad it worked so far! My eyes felt liberated from the cluttering in the apartment (yeah, there were a few clutters here and there).

It made me realize that I didn't really need that much to be happy, only good quality products that are necessary :) My new code of living (although you are free to disagree):

  • spend on what is necessary for a happy and healthy lifestyle
  • sell or donate what I don't need
  • maintain what I already have
  • stop impulse buying
  • spend on good quality products only, which is usually pricey (but hey, that's worth it!)
  • spend on hobbies that I can afford and that can make me happy

Remarks on products that can be sold (surprisingly):
  • screen monitor
  • amplifier
  • branded name bags
  • unique vases

What is difficult to sell: IT books... although they are still up-to-date :(

I'll be posting more products on that site, and hope that I can sell them as well (cross fingers).

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