Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fasio Eyebrow Pencil

I recently tried an eyebrow pencil from Fasio, a brand from Kose Corporation in Japan. It comes in two colors: either brown or gray. If you previously used Shu Uemera eyebrow pencil "Hard Formula 9" or Empro "e5 Natural Gray", then I'd recommend the color "Gray 002" with Fasio. The main features are:
  • water resistant and long-lasting
  • contains rosemary extract to keep your eyebrows moist and prevent irritation and dryness
The pencil lead is soft and its texture is darker than Shu's and Empro's counterparts, so you'd only need to apply it very lightly to get the intensity you need for your eyebrows.

Below is the comparison between the three brands (from most to least expensive), my favorite so far is Empro:

Shu Uemera: lead is dry and hard, lead shape is triangular
Empro: gives a natural color eyebrow, lead shape is retractable triangular, no need to sharpen
Fasio: lead is soft, and color is darker, lead shape is round

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