Monday, June 21, 2010

Live to eat or Eat to live

I never knew that a brief conversation with an ex-colleague, whom I barely knew, can have such big impact on me up until today. The story began when I was in corporate a few years ago and in a different department from that colleague. What brought us to talk a couple of times was when her father was diagnosed with cancer. We shared and spoke on healthy diets and foods to avoid to prevent and even 'cure' cancer. Sadly, a few months later, her father passed away. We saw each other again at the office hallway and what she told me that day struck a cord. She said that the only thing she regretted doing when her dad was still alive was to prevent him from eating the food he wanted to eat.

She was being a good daughter, trying to help her dad change his eating habits... but at the same time, she felt that she did not let him fully enjoy his last moments of life, i.e. eating what he liked the most.

Her statement of regret remains crystal clear in my head, and I've rephrased it to be one of my life's motto: we should live to 'enjoy' eating, and also eat to live 'longer'.

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