Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Light box / light tent photography

I finally made a light box! I went to the camera shop three times, but couldn't get myself to buy the light tent (I'd rather save and spend on camera lens, if needed :). You're allowed to call me cheapskate ;P, but I'd say it's a fun and creative way to reuse what you already have in the house. Halfway through the project, DH offered his helping hands (don't worry, this can be done alone :). I guess he had more fun than me :)

The inspiration came from these homemade light box / light tent:




I started off with a flat Ikea box (not a ready made one). I then measured, cut, and assembled the pieces with staplers and double sided tape.

Time spent: 90 minutes
Monetary cost: $0 so far

Final result of photo shoot, without Photoshop picture enhancement:


I used a CD case... to get nice reflections... see the picture below, without transparent plastic mat:


The picture below is without any artificial lights. I'm thinking of using several light bulbs in my future photo shoots.


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