Friday, March 26, 2010

Recycling old business cards

I had some leftover business cards that I wanted to recycle in a creative way. I searched on the net and here are a few links of how people re-use unwanted business cards. Some are innovative and others are hilarious, e.g. tooth picks and finger nail cleaners:
The most creative I found was the last link. I made my own mini-book by following their instructions :) Here it is (I find my ribbons are too thick):

What I used:
  • 20 business cards
  • pair of scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • ribbons
  • measuring tape
  • some scrap color papers
  • glue
I'm now deciding what to put in my mini-book.


Chanaporn said...

Lovely and so creative ka :)

Waseem said...

Lovely and creative idea..thanks you share it with us as i need it when design Metal business cards.

Sweet Fairy said...

This is great. This will help me so much for my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.

Nadia Yaseen said...

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