Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playdough - update

Here's an update of what I've done with my home-made Play-dough: a cookie monster, a teddy bear, and a rose :) Hmmm... as you can see, I haven't colored the dough blue for my cookie monster ^_^.

 Here are some observations I've made while practicing with home-made Play-dough:
  • The consistency of the Play-dough is very soft and doesn't stick in your hands, different from the fondant;
  • When the Play-dough dries off, it will shrink and the figure may become "disfigured" after a few days;
  • The fondant, however, will keep its shape and smoothness.
As you can see in the picture below (on the left), it is the very first teddy bear I made using fondant... with the help of a very kind friend/cupcake playmate/pen pal/kindred spirit, who taught me the knowledge of fondant ^_^. I used mustard seeds for the bear's eyes. I'm glad I made good progress on my second bear on the right (although using Play-dough instead).

After experimenting with Play-dough and getting a good start practice with it, I now feel confident for the next step: fondant! I've made some research on how to make your own fondant, and will try it out very soon. Although it is recommended to buy a ready-made fondant, it is in my nature to experiment it at least once, just to see how well I can do it. I'll let you guys know how it went!

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