Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photoshop - Pen Tool

This is my first ever drawing on Photoshop. I followed the tutorial on The most difficult part, I find, was using the Pen Tool to draw the frosting (I later found out that many do struggle with it). I cried for help, and DH came to the rescue. Here are his tips for using Pen Tool (this will serve as my notes as well. Can't find it anywhere on the net):
  • Take the Pen Tool and click on the blank canvas (starting point);
  • Click somewhere to the right of the starting point (you'll get a straight line, or "path"), but remember to hold on to your mouse and move it downwards, you be able to create a dome shape;
  • Release the mouse when you're satisfied with the shape;
  • Now, holding down ALT, and hover the cursor to the anchor point (second point created) until you see an open triangular/cursor, then click. This will remove the anchor point.
  • Continue until you create the frosting for your cupcake!
This cupcake version is DH's, much more sophisticated!:

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