Monday, March 8, 2010

How to change DSLR camera lens

When I bought my D60 from a friend, I was very lucky that she showed me the basics for changing the DSLR lens. She said "no matter what, I have to show it to you!". She's right, a single lens sometimes costs more than a camera body itself, and if you fail to take good care of it... ouch, it can hurt your wallet!

Last year, I went for a beginners' DSLR class and noticed that a student had an expensive camera, but didn't know how to change the lens appropriately. This caused opaque spots on all her pictures (they are not dust circles by the way), which can be dirt particles that landed on the inside of her camera lens :(. She recounted that she went to the beach and changed her camera lens there... Ahah!

I couldn't find much from the internet, so I've jotted the instructions down on this post. They are easy to follow:
  1. Put lens on table (rear lens upward, like picture above);
  2. Loosen the rear lens cap without removing the cap;
  3. Remove the cap from the camera body, body facing down!
  4. Remove cap from the lens on the table;
  5. Attach lens and camera by aligning white dots (body still facing down), then rotate lens counterclockwise until it clicks into place.
Points to remember:
  • When changing lens, always point downwards, to avoid dust particles inside your camera lens!
  • Avoid changing lens outside when it's windy.
  • Never touch your camera lens!
Hope these help!

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