Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fondant from Scratch

I finally made the fondant! I'm still surprised at how well it went. A friend of mine commented that the taste was better than the pre-made one from the store :)

What I noticed on the home-made, as compared to the pre-made, is that the former is softer (easier to shape), looks shinier and tends to stick easily. This little pink teddy bear, for example, did not need any spaghetti stick or edible glue for its head, arms and legs to stick to its fat body (this surprised me). If I had added gum powder, the fondant would have dried out faster. I'll have to try it out next time... I need to buy it first!

my fondant bear, bags, and slippers

Another point to remember is that the home-made fondant tends to absorb the color more (I'm not sure if this happened in your case). I used only one toothpick and see how bold the pigment looks. I had to add extra white fondant to lessen the pink (I couldn't get to the pastel pink color I wanted, so I stopped). I'll try out other fondant recipe and see how it goes.

This cute little sheep was (with my own adaptation) inspired by Mayen and Lorraine from Youtube. I used both the pre-made and the home-made fondant. Not very often do I amaze myself: this is one of the rare moments. I saw what other women did with fondant on Youtube (especially Mayen and Lorraine who are such great inspirations) and was wondering if I can do the same... YAY! I really made it!!! My friend, who's my very first inspiration into cupcakes and fondant, gave him a red tongue and he looks so adorable.

fondant sheep with sandwich, and hot chocolate

I tried to sculpt a Hermes Birkin bag by following a Youtube tutorial, but it did not work out. The result looked more like a hand carry bag, so I opt to follow my friend's version of the Channel bag instead =^_^=. It really looks nicer than the Hermes Birkin by the way.

As a starter, it's always helpful to follow a sample picture or figurine first. Once you're better at it, then you can let your imagination run wild and create your own original version :).


Chanaporn said...

You amazed me ka P'Ly!!! They're so cute!!! It definitely requires lot of patience! I salut you ka haha :)

Lily (aka Ly) said...

Thanks my dear! More to come!!!