Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cupcake overdose

What's with the cupcake frenzy anyways? I admit that I went along with the crowd... for 3 weeks till today, I know I was a bit too late, but I guess I have enough of it for now (I think). After a cupcake 101 class, great exploration adventures of bakery shop supplies, tons of research on recipes, tutorials and baking basics, and very successful but exhausting cupcake baking sessions (did too much at once), I'm satisfied with all that have been accomplished so far. I've made a new friend, and I can now make beautiful and tasty cupcakes confidently for my family and friends to enjoy.

Baked this with a friend ^_^
experiment 4

What went from excitement and aspiration, to indifference? The ingredients.

Figure the amount of sugar, butter and flour, for the cupcake, and the shortening and coloring for the frosting (trust me, cupcakes don't taste as nice without the frosting). When you're hands on, you can really see and image that all those "unhealthy" ingredients are mixed together to then go inside your system (yikes!). And the time consumed to decorate your cupcakes (especially with fondant) can sometimes be horrendous! But the praises received are very rewarding! Even photographing your own cupcake can be rewarding. Luckily, we eat cupcakes on special occasions, and to bake them yourself does add a special and personal touch to them. I still enjoy baking and don't mind if people scrap off the frosting from my cupcakes.... I understand, and I do it as well for health reasons.

On to the next challenge? Finding a "healthier" cupcake version, reduced in fat and sugar without compromising the flavor. I'll go slower now.

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