Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My dad likes to say that good friends are harder to find than gold. The older I get, I realized that what Dad said was true: it is easier to make a living (so to speak) than it is to find a good friend. Someone with whom you feel comfortable with, who is not fake in front of you, and with whom you can share common interests with. Someone who is not using you, or trying to get something out of you, but rather genuinely cares for you. You simply feel happy to be with her (or him), you can be yourself without fear of her judging you. You don't have to please her, and she doesn't have to please you, both of you can be honest with each other. You also want the best for her, and both of you grow together as better persons.

There are three types of friends, those who are there only for drinks and fun (forget about them), those who are good and trustworthy but not very close friends yet, and those closer with whom you share your inner thoughts with and who are there when everyone else fails to believe in you. In a lifetime, you won't find many who are in the last two categories, but if you already have, do cherish them (keep in touch, even if we tend to forget sometimes :).

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