Friday, February 12, 2010

Fish origami using red envelop

Was thinking of an ecofriendly way to decorate the apartment for the CNY, using recycled red envelops.

What you need (pic. 1):
  • red envelop
  • pair of scissors
  • tape or stapler
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon (optional)

Picture instructions:

  • Fold and cut the envelop to make a square (pics 1-4);
  • From the picture, the left side has an opening from the cut. From there, cut a long thin triangle (pic 5);
  • When you unfold, you'll get what looks like a fish pattern (pic 6);

  • If you want to hang your fish, you can tape a ribbon inside the fish dorsal fin (pic 7);
  • With the hole puncher, create a round fish eye (pic 8);
  • To make the fish tail, cut from the tip, in the center, halfway (pic 9);
  • Tape one side of the tail, then cross them over to make it concave (pics 10-11);
  • Do the same on the other side, and make sure you stick both tail fins (pic 12).
** Instead of taping the fish tails, you can staple them. It's faster and prevents bad tape from loosening. **

VoilĂ !

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