Friday, February 5, 2010


Let's eat out tonight! It's been a while we haven't eaten Bakuteh (or Bak Ku Teh), a popular dish in Malaysia. Not sure if it's my own brain simulation, but I find that the best Bakuteh dishes are usually the family owned restaurant near the road side.

Every time we eat the Bakuteh dish, there's this unconscious ritual where DH would verbally pray for a Bakuteh restaurant back in Canada. DH goes, a hot meaty tea soup during the winter season would be so nice! And yes, every time I drink the soup I burn my tongue. But I didn't mind much, because the Bakuteh soup has this herbal taste that keeps you spooning for more.

Next to our table was a group of tourists enjoying their hot Bakuteh with a bowl of kimchi (of course, the shops do not provide kimchi, so I deduced that they're from Korea). Wow, not bad at all, even tourists know what specialty to go for. Should bring my friends here when they come over.

Bakuteh shops are only open at night. The total bill for about 3-4 persons arrived at RM61, which include Bakuteh, with 3 side dishes, 1 vegetable plate and tea.

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