Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skin Care and Natural Alternatives

If you want to reduce chemicals in your skin care routine, you might like these natural alternatives:
  • sweet almond oil: great moisturizer for your body, can reduce stretch marks. My girlfriend's sister has been using it during her pregnancy and it greatly helped;
  • emu oil: good moisturizer for your face. Apply a very thin layer from a tiny droplet of the emu oil, and avoid eyes area. My girlfriend has been recommending me this product for years, but I've only recently started using it. I'll keep you posted;
  • rose water: mix it with distilled water to get a natural toner for your skin.

 You can get the above at your drugstore or even at Walmart, at reasonable price.

Update- March 29, 2010: Just to keep you gals updated on emu oil. It's working! I've seen great improvement on my skin. It's not as dry and as wrinkled anymore.

I've been using it as a facial moisturizer since and around December 2009. In the beginning, I used it every other day at night. Then, every night, and for the past month, every day and night. Of course for daytime, I applied SPF after the emu oil. I always use a tiny drop and rub it in my hands before applying it to my face, just to make sure I use a very thin layer to avoid pimples. The oil will later be absorbed and your face will not appear oily.

I find that this is better than what I used before, Origins' Mega Mushroom moisturizer lotion from Dr.Weil, and way better for my purse :)

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