Monday, January 11, 2010

Paranormal Activity (2009)

It was the first time I watched a movie at the theater without previously reading the reviews and without asking my friends' comments on it. It happened because DH and I wanted to watch Avatar on 3D. The unexpected schedule on that day, and Avatar's full house for two consecutive showtime made us go for plan B, which was to pick a movie that we would have to wait for the least amount of time. That movie was Paranormal Activity.

When the movie started, I thought it was based on a true story because the format of the film is a home made video of a real life couple. It seems so believable and subtle, it makes you think that it can actually happen to you in your home. You've heard of all those ghosts or demon stories from relatives and friends, and seen those real ghosts documentary right? Well, what's interesting about this movie is the budget of less than USD 20,000... similar to that of The Blair Witch Project. Everything happens in the house. The total cast is only 4 people, 90% of which is centralized on this couple, Katie and Micah. By the way, it's their real life names.

Although DH yawned in between, I was caught in suspense and intrigued by the escalation of the events. Everything got worse. Anyways, I don't want to spoil the storyline for you. Some say it's the scariest horror film, some think it's not worthwhile.

You may not sleep soundly the first night after watching Paranormal Activity. Every noise that you hear, you may associate it with what you've seen in the movie. The ones who might not be affected are the people who're recently heartbroken, you can watch this film alone at home!

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