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MC Script for Wedding Reception

When SIL2 asked me to be her English speaking wedding MC I was really glad and accepted. It was less than a week before her wedding, so I figured that it would be best to search a ready made MC script on the internet. I found several ones in a forum, and decided to combine the best lines (the credits go to the people who generously shared the scripts on that public forum).

Here is what I rearranged (see below in violet color), and hope this can be a helpful guide for your wedding too. (I was responsible for the English version, but included the Chinese version from my Cantonese speaking MC partner. Sorry if there's any mistake as I don't speak nor read the language.)

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MC: The ceremony will begin soon. We would like to invite everyone to please take a seat.
MC: 大家请就坐,宴会即将开始。

MC: Hi, I am [xx] [and I am [yy]] and we will be your MCs for the night.
MC: 大家好。我是 JJ, [我是 KK], 我[们]将会是你们今天的司仪。

MC: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and distinguished guests. Tonight is the wedding of [bride & groom]. On behalf of the bride & groom and their parents, Mr. & Mrs. [aa] and Mr. & Mrs. [bb], we are honored to welcome all of you to celebrate this joyous occasion with us here tonight.
MC: 各位来宾大家晚上好!欢迎大家来到 _______ 出席 AA BB 夫妇的儿子 YY,与 CC DD 夫妇的女儿 XX,的婚礼。在此,我们谨代表这对新人及双方家长由衷地感谢你们给于这对新人的祝福。

MC: Before we invite Nn & Mm to join us in the ballroom, let's revisit their childhood and courting days in this slideshow presentation.

* 1st Video Presentation *
* First March-In * (Song: -) (8:00pm)
* Standby dry ices / poppers along the aisle *
* Coordinator to inform banquet manager to standby 10min before 1st March-In and signal “OK” to MCs.*

MC: We hope you have enjoyed the video clip. Now, the moment we’ve been waiting for, especially for NN & Mm, who at this very moment are WAITING to make their GRAND ENTRANCE as they embark on the next stage of their lives together. So without further delay, let us all rise and give our warmest welcome to the newly weds, Mr. & Mrs. NN!
MC:我们等待已久的时刻 终於到了。让我们大家一起以最热烈的掌声来欢迎这对新人入席。

MC: Let’s invite Nn and Mm on stage for the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

*Commencement of Dinner * (8.30pm)

MC: May all the guests be seated. Dinner will be served shortly, we hope you will enjoy every dish that has been specially prepared by the Chef at [restaurant name] of [hotel name] Hotel. Please enjoy your evening.
MC: 谢谢新人。请大家就坐。晚宴即将开始,请大家尽情享用! 如有怠慢之处 还请大家多多包含。

*Procession to first dinner course)*
*After 3rd Course, Chicken – 2nd SLIDESHOW*

MC: May I have your attention please, we’ll be showing you some photos of the wedding registration & pre-wedding event.

After 5th course - Fish
2nd Walk In * Champagne Fountain Ceremony * (9.25pm)
Couple pop champagne and begin pouring…

MC: Let’s invite the lovely couple to come on stage to pop the champagne!
The couple will have a cross toast with each other. May they enjoy everlasting marital bliss!
MC: 祝他们相敬如宾,永浴爱河!接下来,有请我们的新人来喝交杯酒!

*Yum Seng*

MC: We shall now invite the couple’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. [aa] and Mr. & Mrs. [bb], and immediate family members to the stage for the toasting ceremony.
MR. & MRS. aa, NN brother Mr.& Mrs. cc (dd)
ET’s Di Cik & Di Sim, ee & ff

MC: 我们现在有请双方家长与亲朋好友上台来向大家敬酒。特别是新郎的兄弟团。

*Parents, families and friends stream to the stage. When all are ready…*

MC: For the first toast to our newly wed couple, may both of you cherish one another and live happily ever after.
MC: 第一杯,是要祝贺新人,永浴爱河,永结同心,白头偕老。
YAM…SENG… (3x) NN dad

MC: For the second toast, we wish the couple to start a family soon and bountiful children in their lives ahead.
MC: 第二聲“飲勝”﹐ 祝賀他們早生貴子﹐兒孫滿堂﹗
YAM…SENG… (3x) ET dad

MC: For the third toast, we would like to wish everyone great health and good fortune in the coming year.
MC: 第三杯,是要祝贺在场的各位亲戚朋友,龙马精神,生意兴隆,身体健康。

MC: Thank you. We would like to invite the immediate family to return to their seats.

MC: Now Mm & NN will give their speech.

MC: In our 3rd and last slideshow, we’ll be presenting you the morning ceremony and how the HENG TAI (groomsmen) suffered under the hands of the TZI MUI (bridesmaids).

MC: Lovely to watch. The couple will now proceed to join you at your table for photography and toasting!

MC: 谢谢!文德與佳莉也將到大家各自的席位上跟您敬酒並拍照留念。

*When last dish is served (10.45pm)*

MC: Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of the event for the day. On behalf of NN and MM, we thank all of you for taking the time today to attend their wedding. It has been my pleasure to host you tonight. Thank you once again and enjoy your weekend!!
MC: 各位先生女士們﹐ 這次的婚宴就此圓滿落幕。 在此﹐ 我們代表文德與佳莉再次謝謝大家的出席。 很高興能做您的司儀﹐ 祝你們有一個愉快的週末。 再會﹗

One last note to make, for those who parked their cars at the hotel, you may get the parking stamps from the reception area when you leave this room.


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